pleated poppyThis time of year, I’m usually doing lots of layering with scarves and warm sweaters and the like.

This Monday, I wore capri pants.

I live in Nebraska, right?!

Trying to decide if I miss the bundling up or not…

Of course, I’m wearing my fave Old Navy tanks and comfy TOMS with those capri pants. I was thinking about getting a pair of the brand new, super cute TOMS ballet flats that officially went on sale today, but I just couldn’t stomach that price tag – ouch!

Yesterday was a little cooler – and by cooler, I mean 60 degrees for a high instead of 70 – so I pulled out a tan jacket to wear in the morning and evening. My favorite part of this outfit is the new flats I bought for only $10 on clearance at Payless! Love the neutral color and the big old flower at the front 🙂


Like I mentioned, I really like putting together cozy, cute outfits for the fall and winter so I’m not sure how I feel about this spring-like weather! But I DO like not having to bundle the kiddos up every time we leave the house!

How about you? What season do you enjoy dressing for the most?