{Just keeping track for myself what week of the pregnancy we’re on – 13 weeks down, many to go!}

pleated poppyThanks for the great fashion questions you ladies asked last week! I am currently working on a post {or many} about flattering clothing for different body types, particularly for larger-chested and pear-shaped women as those were common questions!

I have never had the large chest dilemma {quite the opposite until having children and then only when pregnant and nursing!}, but pear-shaped is me all the way so I feel your pain on that, especially with pants and JEANS!

So stay tuned for those posts in coming weeks! And add any more questions you may think of – I’ll see what I can do!

Looking back through this week’s photos, there were some highlights and some less-than-stellar days but I DID get dressed and ready each day, so it was another winning week!


Black hooded tee – hand-me-down; green tank – Old Navy; khaki skirt – thrifted; black flats – Eddie Bauer; necklace – Mercy House Kenya

Floral top – thrifted; maternity bermuda shorts – borrowed; barefoot – that’s all me!

Blue ruffle-neck tee – GAP Outlet; light gray skirt – DownEast Basics; silver ruffle flats – WalMart

Yellow ruffle tank – Target; Cuffed jeans – hand-me-down; silver ballet flats – Crocs

Blue and white floral dress – Old Navy clearance!

Green and black tanks – Old Navy; skirt – had it so long, I have no idea!; necklace – made by ME!

Floral dress – H&M; black leggings – Target


Ok, I’m loving wearing blues and yellows right now – they seem to brighten my mood! What is YOUR favorite color OTHER THAN BLACK to wear right now?

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