I’m not sure when I’m going to get a run in today, so this is my “What I Wore” for the day, complete with third-day hair and no make-up…

Workout Wear

Just being honest. But this also gives me a great opportunity to talk about what I like for workout wear!

I don’t like to spend a lot of money on any of my clothes, so you won’t find high-end fitness labels here! And I need a lot of different options because I want to run outside when it’s 30 degrees and when it’s 90 degrees!

My favorite pieces:

*Running capris – I will take these any day over shorts. They don’t ride up and still leave some room for fresh air to hit my legs!

*Good sports bras – I don’t have a whole lot of chest to hold up now that I’m done nursing, but I definitely needed a lot of support while I was! I didn’t spend a lot of money on my sports bras, but I did make sure I had new ones that weren’t worn out – it DOES make a huge difference, ladies, especially if you are running. Don’t try to make old ones work – get some support!

*Athletic tanks – I get warm on the upper half of my body really quickly while working out, so tanks are my preferred top for gym workouts and any outdoor run above 60 degrees {dreaming of those days still}! The built-in bra in most tanks is not usually enough for me, so I do use a sports bra under it as well.

*Long-sleeve dri-fit tops – It’s very important, especially in cold weather, to keep sweat away from your skin. These are great on their own and for layering under a jacket when the temps are super-unfriendly {like for my last race}!

*Running jacket – I totally love my jacket because it adds an extra layer for starting out chilly runs, it zips off if I get to warm, and it has POCKETS! The pockets are a lifesaver for carrying a car key, chapstick, and my fuel of choice, usually fruit snacks or Lemonheads!

*Lined full-length running tights – Obviously you won’t need these if you live in a warmer climate, but these are getting plenty of use here in Nebraska!

*Dri-fit socks – Again, keeping moisture away from your skin is a good idea, and the feet are no exception. The right kind of socks can help prevent blisters and chafing. Obviously, blisters and sore feet can be seriously detrimental to your workout routine, so take good care of them!

Running Shoes

*The right shoes – If you are wanting to start running, there is no more important purchase than the right pair of shoes. I ran on my cross-trainers, which were a couple years old, when I started running. I experienced quite a bit of knee pain and IT band soreness in those first six months of running. Then I went to a running store to have my stride analyzed and shoe recommendations made. I didn’t buy my shoes at that store that day, but I did buy one of the recommended shoes when I found them on sale. I haven’t had the knee or IT band pain since. The right shoes make ALL. THE. DIFFERENCE. This is one area where I suggest – no, insist – you invest if you are going to run on a regular basis.

The brands I prefer:

*Target – Yep, most of my workout wear is from Target. And it works just great for me. Capris, tanks, bras, long-sleeve tops, and dri-fit socks – I have them all from Target and I love them – and their price tag! They are all C9 brand, to be exact, and I haven’t paid more than $25 for any of them. And clearance racks are always my friend 🙂

*GAP Outlet – I will not pay $50 for running capris or a running jacket. But I WILL pay $20 for either that are normally worth $50+ and that’s what I’ve found at GAP Outlet. I really love my gear from GAP Outlet – high quality, lower price!

*Brooks & Asics – My Brooks are the shoes that saved my running experience. I adore them. I’m getting up there on mileage with them and will soon be switching to a pair of Asics that feel very similar. I haven’t run long distances on Asics yet, but in trying them on with the Brooks, the feel was very similar and supportive for my over-pronating stride!

One side note: You don’t HAVE to have special workout wear to get started working out, with sports bras being the one major exception. T-shirts and shorts will work just fine while you get moving and figure out what kind of working out you like to do! But, I do feel like having the right fitness apparel can be both motivation and a reward. Get what you NEED to get started and then set a goal to reach when you can buy more fitness gear you WANT to have!

If you have any questions about workout wear and gear, please ask either here in the comments or email me at homewiththeboys at gmail dot com!

What are your workout wear must-haves? Where do you shop for workout wear?


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