Rhinestone Jesus + The American Dream

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I’ve been thinking about the American Dream a lot in the last year, even before I started reading Rhinestone Jesus by Kristen Welch. In October, I did a whole series about our need to “have it all” and my rebellion against that idea. I have this uncomfortable feeling of Holy Spirit change going on inside of me that I’m not entirely sure what to do with, but I know it has do with a different kind of American Dream.

I don’t want us to make more money so we can have more stuff. I’m in the {really long} process of trying to get rid of stuff. I want to be able to GIVE more. My American Dream for our family is to be givers and have the means to give generously as led. To love others well with our time and resources. Like Bob Goff. Like the Welch family.

Even though I’ve only met Kristen once and we’re not neighbors or close friends, I feel like I’ve watched God grow and move in her family for years now. And there’s no way to see what He is doing with them and NOT be inspired to live a different kind of existence. Kristen’s blog, We Are THAT Family, has always been full of family and fun, but most importantly, it chronicles an honest faith and an incredible journey that knit their hearts with Kenya. I think I’ve mentioned Mercy House Kenya just a few times around here…

Now Kristen has released a book and it’s exactly what I’d expect from her writing, but also so much more. Rhinestone Jesus is about stepping out from safe faith. It’s about saying yes to God in the middle of our messes. It’s about knowing there is no such thing as a “just a mom” and God does big things with the little yes of a mom or dad or kid or anybody.

I’ve been trying to write this post about this book for weeks. It’s hard to put into words the MANY ways it impacted me, especially in one blog post, but here were my major takeaways:

Being an intentional mom IS a big yes to God.

The Kingdom of God is revealed in sacrifice and service in the small places, especially to our children.

Kristen tells her story about saying yes to God’s calling to do something about the poverty she saw in Kenya, but she also makes it clear that God isn’t calling all of us to do what she did. He is calling us to say yes to whatever He asks of us right now. And being an intentional, loving, Christ-following, servant’s heart mom is what He’s calling to all of us mamas, right?! Some people may read this book and say it’s about Mercy House Kenya, but to me it is about a family living in obedience to God because Mom + Dad led the way. I want to say YES to that.

The most significant thing I’ve done for Jesus is to love and serve my family. Motherhood becomes me, and God uses it daily to refine me and draw me closer to Him.

I really can do that thing God is calling me to do.

When we live for Him one yes at a time, He rewrites our story.

I appreciate immensely Kristen’s honesty in Rhinestone Jesus because it shows all the weaknesses she thought would get in the way of her fulfilling God’s call on her life. And it shows just how God filled those in with His strength. He doesn’t ask us to do big things because He wants us to fail, but because He wants us to trust Him and let Him carry us through for His glory.

Deep down I knew God was calling us to something radical. And even though radical terrified me, I was more afraid of not following God.

Family matters.

If Satan can convince us that we aren’t good enough as a family to leave a positive imprint on the world, then he wins. We cant let that happen.

I can’t get enough of the stories and posts Kristen shares about raising a family to love, honor, and respect one another, to do what Jesus asks not matter what our culture says, and to live in a generous way, leaving behind the entitlement that has overwhelmed all of us. The heart of this all is to make your family a priority, to find a mission you can all get behind, and to LIVE IT together.

I can try to create an amazing career or impact the world with a global nonprofit, but if I end up with a family who is ignored or resentful of my efforts, what have I gained? More than anything, I want to work alongside my husband and children because it’s in serving together that we are all changed.

And it all boils down to this…

Rhinestone Jesus Quote


Wherever you are on the dreaming scale – whether you’re chasing that God-sized dream, sitting on the couch thinking you’ll never be able to follow the dream He has for you, or you have no idea what that dream is – read Rhinestone Jesus. Be inspired to say yes in the middle of your mess to whatever He asks.

Do you have a “yes” you need to say to God right now, in the middle of your mess?


I received this book to review. I was not compensated in any way for this post and all opinions are 100% my own!

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A Dream Fulfilled Together

On Tuesdays, I’ve been writing about my God-sized dream, but there’s another dream that has been in the works here. Last Saturday, that dream was realized.

I’ve shared my running journey with you, but The Hubby has been on quite the running journey as well. In fact, he is the reason I started running at all.

The Beginning of the Dream

It all began in January of 2012. The Hubby started running and working out to be a better healthy example to his patients. He lost over 40 pounds in the process and discovered a love for running. Within a few months, he had run his first race – 10 miles – and a half=marathon less than two months later!

I was pregnant when he started running, but as soon as I was cleared to start exercising, I decided to give it a go. Running became something we both enjoyed and I worked my way through races, upping my distance slowly along the way.

We ran a half-marathon {my first} together in November and I would not have made it through that crazy course without him.

The Dream Grows

His running dream got a whole lot bigger after that – in fact, it doubled. He signed up for a marathon and got to work training. Marathon training is no joke, my friends. People should get a medal just for making it through training.

When race day arrived, anticipation was high. The boys and I had signs ready and spots picked out along the course to cheer him on. We yelled and screamed and caught the long sleeve shirt he threw at us at mile 6.5, and then cheered on several friends running that day at the same spot before we moved on.

And then he called. He should have still been running, so I was worried right away. He had turned his ankle at mile 9 and finished at the half. It was a major half PR for him, but it was still devastating. I was so proud of him, but I knew it hurt badly to see that dream slip away.

But God wasn’t finished with that dream.

I was all signed up to run my second half-marathon just two weeks later, and when The Hubby’s ankle was feeling better the day after the race, we decided he should register for the full marathon at the same event. He was still in training mode. Two weeks was just the perfect amount of time to try again.

We were blessed that my parents were willing and able to watch the boys so we could make this all happen. We dropped them off Friday afternoon and made our way up to Fargo!

The weather was stormy, which made me more nervous than The Hubby, but thankfully the storms moved out overnight and there was just a light drizzle when my race began. The full started 45 minutes after the half.

Although neither of us knew anyone along the route cheering us on, it was such a cool feeling to know we were both doing this at the same time. This race was my second half, but it was my first solo race, and knowing The Hubby was running twice as far as I was gave me a lot of strength when things got hard.

My first 7 miles were great – humid and warming up, but really fun. Fargo knows how to put on and support a race. The crowds were awesome, the course was flat, I was on a high…until mile 9. I had set three goals ahead of time, and I was still on track with two of them at that time, but the weather and my breathing forced me to adjust the last goal at that point.

I struggled through my last few miles, but I crossed the finish line with a new PR by over 22 minutes: 2:03:23!

And then I collapsed on a volunteer. It wasn’t pretty for a while after that – my lungs and the humidity had battled the whole race and I had given it everything I had and my body needed a little help to recover post-race. The medical volunteers were AMAZING. I am so grateful for their help and smiles and great attitudes.

But all I cared about was where The Hubby was and how his race was going. I am so thankful for friends and family who were able to update me on his progress when the map wouldn’t update on my phone. I said a prayer of thanks when he passed the halfway mark.

And then I waited. The finish line for all of us was in the FargoDome and the atmosphere inside was SO fun – a great distraction! When you see the running community together like that – people of all shapes and sizes and abilities but ALL runners – it is truly inspiring and emotional.

I knew The Hubby’s goal, but I also knew the weather had heated up considerably {anything over 60 makes it harder on runners and it was up to 75 at that point}. My best friend called me to say he had passed the 25 mile mark and I started crying. He was almost done.

The FargoDome had big screens up, two showing the runners as they came in from outside and two showing the finish line. My teary eyes were glued to the screen for any sign of him…

On the Screen blog

I snapped this picture of the screen and then pushed my way to the finish line just in time to yell and scream my heart out as The Hubby finished his first FULL MARATHON in 3:55:47!!! {It was loud in the dome, but he said he heard me loud and clear as he crossed – mission accomplished!}

Marathon Finish blog


And now I’m crying again.

Marathon Done blog

I couldn’t be more proud of this guy. The way he trained, the way he rebounded from a setback, the way he persevered through the heat and humidity. And he humbled me by celebrating my race even more than his afterwards. I am blessed beyond measure.

Fargo Finishers blog.jpg

And I can’t even tell you how much it meant to go through that day together. We did separate races, but it felt like it was OUR thing. And there are few things quite as powerful and bonding as supporting each other all the way through to seeing a dream happen and knowing God was directing every step.

And the finisher medals  have Hebrews 12:1 on the back, the coolest reminder ever of just how we came to see the dream realized:

Fargo Medal.jpg

Honey, YOU are a rock star. I love you. What’s next?! 🙂

I would love to hear your story about dreaming with someone! How did you support one another? How did it improve

It was also part of my dream to raise money for Operation Christmas Child running as part of Team Samaritan’s Purse! We didn’t quite make our goal, but we still raised $238! Thank you SO much to all who donated and prayed for this race! YOU are part of the dream, as well, and a blessing to me!

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Jump: Living the Dream

I can’t even believe some of the things I actually did this weekend.

I am a raging extrovert, but being an extrovert and being courageous are not the same thing. I wasn’t quite sure how God would show up for me this weekend at the Jumping Tandem Retreat, maybe instilling bits of courage here and there. I thought He may nudge me towards one dream or whisper to me about another.

Instead, I found Him painting boldly on my heart with strokes of passion and clarity and, yes, the courage to jump, both literally and figuratively.

He took His dream for me, the one I had only mentioned in passing, nervous and scared that someone might hold me to it, and He made me SPEAK that dream OUT LOUD to others.


He took my biggest dream obstacles – the ones in my head – and He spoke through Jennifer to help me lay them down – no, even better, throw them out and bury them for good.

He surrounded me with other dreamers…

Erin and Lisa-Jo

Lisa-Jo, the greatest (in)courager and cheerleader for moms there ever was…

Jessica, Erin, and Vickie

My new Pacific Northwest heart sisters, Jessica and Vickie, pursuing and encouraging love in community over at Walk Agape

Sarah and Erin

My fabulous roomie for the weekend, Sarah, who entranced me with her energy and stories of life in musical theatre!

…other dreamers all feeling the nerves and excitement and fear and indigestion that come along with the BIG things He has planned to draw us closer to Him. We dreamed together. We worshipped together {Oh, did we worship}. We believed together. And from my dear friends Holley and Lisa-Jo, we rediscovered the meaning of success in relation to our dreams…

Success is obedience to God.

Unlike any other conference or gathering I had ever attended, I did not walk away overwhelmed with a million things to try or be or do. I walked away from this weekend ready to jump. And to take that jump with joy, knowing that just getting started on His dream for me was success.

In a rare moment of bravery, when I registered for this retreat, I signed up for the additional “Be Brave” activity as well. I later learned that activity would involve net-climbing, tall towers, and a zip line, and my bravery turned to knocking knees and chattering teeth {from the nerves AND the cold, windy weather!}.

Raw Emotion

I climbed up that two-story net, worked my way up another tangled mess to the second platform, and within seconds of scooting myself off that 54-foot high platform and flying across the air, I knew exactly why God had me up there.


The guide told me the steps I would take leading up to my jump: they involved me sitting on the platform, her unclipping me, and me moving myself forward whenever I was ready. She did the unclipping, I yelled to let the ground crew know I was on my way, and I JUST WENT.


I knew that if I sat there for even a second longer, I might not jump at all. I didn’t think. I left no time for doubt or worry or fear. I just jumped.


And God said, “Now do EXACTLY THAT with the dream I’ve given you.”

I’ve spent way too much time sitting on the edge of His dream for me, looking down, afraid and doubting and feeling inadequate. It’s time for obedience. I am living the dream.

Deidra's smile

Thank you, lovely, wonderful Deidra, for being obedient to His dream for YOU which has now inspired each of us who were in attendance. It was all blessing.


P.S. The zip line was AMAZING, as was experiencing it with this bunch of awesome women. If you ever get the chance, DO. IT.

*THANK YOU to the most lovely Laura for the zip line pictures. You captured each moment so perfectly!

**Later this week, or whenever I have some more time to process the sessions, I will post more of the words of inspiration shared by the fabulous speakers! Good, good stuff.

I’m linking up with Holley and the God-sized dreamers this week about how we PLAY in the middle of our dreams. Zip-lining counts, right?! 


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And THIS is Why I Dream…

God-Sized Dreams TeamThis whole process of defining and pursuing my God-sized dream is pretty new territory to me.

Sure, I’ve had dreams and followed them before, but this feels so much more intentional. More meaningful. More God-centered.

And today Holley asked us to share the “why” behind our dream.

Why is your dream worth pursuing, fighting for and seeing through no matter what happens?

And that was a super easy question for me to answer.

THIS is why…

easter crazy guys

My God-sized dream is all about Him, these guys, and you.

My God-sized dream is to encourage families to grow closer to God and closer together through my writing while keeping my relationship with God and my own family as my first priorities.

This dream is exactly what God had in mind for me. I just feel it. And it’s not just a “right-now” dream. This is long-term.  Blessing my family is my calling as a wife and mother. And the writing part is a blessing for me – being able to share with you as we discover what our family is all about has grown me in all sorts of ways.

The God part? Well, it is just blowing me away. I’m learning new things about Him in every part of this dream. And He’s drawing me closer day-by-day because this dream can’t be done without Him.

Each one of these “whys” would be enough to keep me going on this dream, but put them all together and it can only be described as…well…God-sized, right?! Time for me to press on!

What is the “why” behind pursuing your dream? What makes it all worth it?

Find out why other women are fighting for their own God-sized dreams over at Holley’s place today!

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Dreaming for Another Year

Birthdays are cause for celebration!


You didn’t have to tell Little J that twice – he made me feel like the most important, special person in the whole world on my birthday. I felt totally celebrated by all of my guys!

I’m also finding my birthday to be a great time of reflection and dreaming! Instead of lamenting turning another year older, I did some birthday praying and dreaming about all God has in store for the next year!

It almost feels a little like New Year’s to me, but I’m not making resolutions to lose weight or get more organized. I’m taking my God-sized dreams and laying out a few areas that I want to see grow in the next year. God spoke three things very clearly into my life as we celebrated my birthday yesterday. Seriously, there was no mistaking what He wants to work in me as I move towards 33…

1. I want to understand grace more fully and practice it more regularly, especially within our family.

Grace is not a new word to me, but after having read Connecting Church & Home by Tim Kimmel {review coming soon}, author of Grace-Based Parenting {which is on my t0-read list}, I’m realizing I don’t really know much about living a life full of grace, especially in relation to my children. I just know I want to know more about grace and how to live it out.

2. I want to experience greater intimacy with God and with The Hubby.

Our busy lives don’t allow much time for depth of relationship. I’m not ok with that. I want a closer, deeper relationship with my Savior, not just cramming in Bible study before the kids wake up. I want spend more time talking and connecting with The Hubby, particularly when his schedule only allows for us to see each a couple hours a day.

3. I want to discover what a true Sabbath looks and feels like for our family.

I took last weekend “off” from social media. It was the most restful two days I’ve had in as long as I remember. But that’s just a piece of figuring out how our family is best refreshed on the weekends, or another Sabbath day when The Hubby’s work hours don’t allow for Sunday rest. My sister gave me 24/6: A Prescription for a Healthier, Happier Life for my birthday and I’m really looking forward to soaking up those insights on a Sabbath day.

I feel like this is the real-life living out of my God-sized dream – the nuts and bolts of being able to grow closer to God, bless my family, and write to encourage other families with integrity and without burning out!

What areas do you hope to grow in as you approach another birthday, whether it is next week or next year?

Read more stories of God-sized dreams lived out in real-life over at Holley’s place today!

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Joy in the Right Places


The sounds of instrumental worship music and the scent of my favorite candle wafted through the air as I sipped a warm cup of coffee. This is my happy place as I spend time communing with my Father before the day begins, particularly before anyone else is awake, but also sweet when the older two are reading their Bibles alongside me.

The littlest let out squeals of laughter as I pretended to eat his chubby cheeks. His oldest brother said, “Again! Make him laugh again!” So I did. And we laughed until he got the hiccups. He pulled himself to standing and then let go, proud grin on his face all the while, several times today.

The Hubby was able to call more than once throughout the day. Just hearing his voice is enough to improve whatever attitude I may have developed in the midst of the responsibilities and chaos of home. The phone call saying he is on his way home is the sweetest. Later that night, we would sit on our bed, eat some popcorn, and watch The West Wing {our fifth or sixth time through the whole series} and all feels right with the world.

We cuddled up on the couch, just the two big boys and I, to read some picture books about Easter. After they settled into bed, we started a new chapter book as the night wound down. And they begged to talk to each other for “just five more minutes” before they had to go to sleep.

These are the joys of my everyday – the part of my God-sized dream that God has called me to keep FIRST. Whatever else may come of my God-sized dream, THIS stuff is always meant to be my main source of joy.

My God-sized dream is to encourage families to grow closer to God and closer together through my writing while keeping my relationship with God and my own family as my first priorities.

But that other part brings joy as well…

When I get away to write, it’s just me and Him, and writing feels like an act of worship.

The ideas He plants in my head to write are often more for me than anyone else. Writing to encourage other families has been the encouragement I needed for me and my own family!

And then there are the comments, the emails, the words from YOU that frequently bring me to tears. The joy that comes from being used by God to encourage someone else is entirely humbling and quite amazing.

Joy. In the everyday and the dreaming world, there is plenty of joy to go around.

What brings you joy?

Read more about the joy of other God-sized dreamers over at Holley’s place today!

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A God-Sized Dreamer’s Loaded Question

It’s Tuesday, which means it is God-sized dream day around here. This week Holley asked us quite the loaded question…

What do you really want more of in your life?

See what I mean?

God-Sized Dreams TeamThat is one big question to ask a God-sized dreamer. I really thought it would be hard to pin down what exactly I want more of in my life, other than more time in my day, more sleep, and more chocolate. Can you ever really have enough of any of those?

Seriously, as I sat and pondered the “more” that I most wanted in my life, I was taken back to a conversation I had with Stacey, my dear friend and God-sized dream buddy.

I am a mama of three young boys, and in reality, I will busy for years to come with them. This is truth even if I don’t take on any other commitments. Being a wife and mom are “all-in” callings and I’m good with that.

I could say I want more “me” time or more family time or more writing time, but that’s not really it. It all boils down to one sentence Stacey threw out at me {we both process verbally – there were a lot of words out there!}:

“I want to invest my time, not spend it.”

BAM. I’m not even kidding when I say that word “invest” just struck me like a bolt of lightning.

And that was my more right there.

I want to be MORE INVESTED in the things that matter, the places God has put me, the people He has surrounding me.

I tend to bounce from thing to thing a lot {maybe a little ADD?!} and that leads to a lot of unfinished projects, unpursued dreams, and unfulfilled feelings. Sometimes it feels like I never have enough time for anything, but it’s more about HOW I’m investing the time I do have – not wasting or spending or wishing away the hours.

Investing in the people and places and projects of now of course means saying no to other good things, but I’m not looking at it that way. I’m looking at being MORE INVESTED as bringing me MORE of what God has for my life. And really, that’s just the best there is.

I also know that when I shared my dream back in January, feeling all small and sheepish, God took what felt like a tiny dream and start pumping it up, little by little. The place He is taking that dream will require much MORE INVESTMENT in Him, in my family, and in my writing. In that order. Or it just won’t work.

Jesus shares the parable of the three servants both in Matthew 25 and Luke 19. They are each given money to invest by their master while he is gone. The first two servants invested well and added to the money entrusted to them, so they were rewarded by the master. The last servant held on to the money due to fear and had nothing more to show for it. He lost even what had been give to him. The parable wraps up this way:

To those who use well what they are given, even more will be given, and they will have an abundance. But from those who do nothing, even what little they have will be taken away. ~Matthew 25:29

Use well what I’ve been given and MORE will be given. That’s what investment is all about. And in the Kingdom of God, the rewards are for eternity.

Now it’s your turn to answer this loaded question…

More God-Sized Dreams

Read the posts of more God-sized dreamers and link up your own at Holley’s place today!

And if you need a little guidance {or a cheerleader!} on your God-sized dream journey, you must get Holley’s new book, You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream: Opening the Door to All God Has for You. Yes, I said MUST. You can thank me later.


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Friday Favorites: March, Nickels, & Books!

IT’S MARCH!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, I just can’t contain my excitement because I. Love. March. Birthdays galore {including Double J, Samson (our Compassion child), Dr. Seuss, the state of Nebraska, and me!}, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter – so much to love!

Oh, and since it’s March that means our Nickels for Nets challenge wrapped up yesterday and we have a final tally for you!

Nickels for Nets Box

Our original goal was five nets, then a friend in a nearby city offered to collect there so we could double our goal to ten nets! We needed $80 total and we collected…


WOOHOO!!! Big J and I were so thrilled when we did the final count last night! A HUGE thank you to all the old friends and family and new friends and librarians who donated this month! You made my big guy’s face and heart light up and you are changing the lives of the children who will receive these nets!

If you collected for Nickels for Nets, make sure you head over to Amanda’s place to share your total! You can either link up a blog post or picture with your total here or leave a comment with your total here!

Amanda is kicking off a new Monthly Mission on Monday – go check it out and get your kids involved! It’s a really cool one!


Upside Down Prayers Book Club

Speaking of kick-offs, we’re getting the Upside Down Prayers book club going on Facebook today! Visit my Facebook page and Amanda’s to join the conversation! If you don’t have the book yet, get it for your Kindle so you can jump in right away!


And one more exciting launch happening today…

Holley Gerth’s amazing book You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream: Opening the Door to All God Has for You is finally on sale for you to grab!

I am just eating this book up! If you need someone to cheer you on as you go after your God-sized dream, Holley is your woman and this book is just what you need.

Not sure what your dream is? Get this book.

Thinking your dream is small or insignificant? Get this book.

Afraid of failing and being rejected? Get this book.

If you’ve been following my God-sized dream journey at all, you know I’ve felt all of these things. Holley has spoken to each of these areas through You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream, with love and encouragement and even a kick in the pants when I needed it, but done with lots of grace, of course!

I really do hope you’ll pick up your own copy and be inspired to draw closer to God through the dreams He has for you to pursue!


Now for the important question of the day…

What is YOUR favorite thing about March?!


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God-Sized Dream Stories: Those Who Inspire Me

God-Sized Dreams TeamAs I’m pursuing the dreams God has placed on my heart, I have many days where I think…

“What am I doing? I’m not qualified to do this? I just need to stop and let someone else pursue this dream…”

Most of the time I am able to stop myself mid-thought and realize these are not words my loving, wonderful God would put in my head. They are lies.

Other days, I need some extra inspiration to help me press on, and the stories of other God-sized dreamers are just what I need. The most inspiration has come from moms like me, living mom lives, putting God and family first, and saying yes to the gifts and dreams He has given them.

Dreamers like these…

Heather – Fellow boy mama, although she’s one up on me. Going about her life being an encouragement to many in real life and through her blog and BOOM! She gets an email from an agent asking if she’s ever thought of publishing a book! That is a WOW GOD type of thing to me. And Heather has stayed humble, seeking God and taking the process slow. I. Love. This. Story.

Brooke – She wrote Warrior Prayers because she just knew it needed to be written. Not for fame, not for money – just to pass on her heart for praying for her boys. God has done so much more than she ever dreamed with her obedience in writing that book, in her own life and the lives of thousands of boy mamas. And there’s more to come… 🙂

Jen – She has FOUR boys who are all SIX, so that automatically makes her a hero to me. The way Jen and her family honestly share their lives, from stories of pregnancy with multiples to unemployment to taking on adventures with their boys, is so real and so God-honoring. I’m not sure Brad and Jen would have ever said this is where they dreamed they would be one day, but they let God write their story and move forward with joy and faith.

Amanda -As a former teacher, I love that Amanda’s previous career in children’s ministry has become a part of how she parents and how she encourages other parents in her writing. And the stuff she writes about she actually DOES with her kids, impressing God’s Word upon their hearts in creative, meaningful ways. Motherhood is not mundane for her – it is fun and God-inspired and full of life. I love when my music teacher training and motherhood collide, and Amanda inspires me to use what I’ve been given, even though I’m not a music teacher at a school anymore! I don’t believe that teaching and being a parent and becoming a writer are all separate dreams – God is weaving one big dream through all of them!

I don’t know that my words can do justice to the God-sized dreams of these women, but I know their dreaming keeps me going on days I’m not sure I have what it takes to follow the path He has shown me to take.

And we all need those stories, don’t we?

Tell me a God-sized dream story that inspires YOU!

Read more inspiring God-sized dream stories over at Holley’s place today!


If God-sized dreaming is your thing or you think God is gently nudging you to step out in faith on something new, you MUST read Holley’s newest book, You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream: Opening the Door to All God Has for You, launching THIS FRIDAY! Pre-order your copy now and come back later this week to read all that I have to say about it!

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The Power of Having a “Dream Team”: How Community Helps Your Dreams Succeed

Yesterday we talked about the importance of community for moms. Let me sum it up for you:

Alone = bad. Together = good.

This same formula works well for me in other areas as well. Dreaming is one such area.

It’s actually quite easy for me to dream. I am a big-picture thinker, an ENFP {see my note at the end of this post to find out more}. ENFPs are excited by new ideas, but get bored easily with details. In other words, I get distracted by the next “shiny thing” to come along quite often.

I have dreams coming out of my ears, but on my own, most of them will never happen.

That’s where my own personal “dream team” comes to the rescue!

The Power of a Dream Team

These are the people who inspire me, bounce around ideas with me, and ground me in reality when needed! The power of having a “dream team” comes when they fill in your gaps, spur you onward, and help your dreams succeed.

My gaps include procrastination, lack of attention to details, and struggling to finish projects before starting new ones. This “dream team” is helping me overcome these deficits to pursue all that God has planned for me – those wonderful, amazing God-sized dreams!

Who makes up my “dream team?”

20130128-232259.jpgThe Hubby is my ultimate “dream team” member because he loves to plan and look ahead at where we’re going, but he also thinks about how every decision will affect our family. And he knows me better than I know myself, so he always has what’s best for me in mind!

My best friends take on two significant team roles – one as a cheerleader and one as a prayer warrior. Dreams can really take flight when supported by encouragement and prayer! These gorgeous girls are always there holding me up.


Brooke and I are united in our vision to reach out to moms and dads of boys, so dreaming together is a joy. And, like my husband, she’s a details-thinker, so she fills in those gaps for me. Hallelujah for puzzle pieces that fit together just right!


Amanda is that person in my life whose creativity and enthusiasm inspire me to dream bigger and keep moving forward {Meet the Robinsons for the win there}, particularly in the areas of blogging and all things kid-related! She just oozes big, wonderful, God-centered ideas!

Dream Team Gals

And to round out the team are two ladies who are so willing to listen, pray, and sweetly speak truth into my life. Stacey and Teri Lynne are women I greatly respect for their faithfulness to God and their families above all else. They are already modeling my God-sized dream, and doing so with grace and wisdom.

Notice how I need lots of realistic-minded people around me to keep me from floating off in a million different directions, chasing dreams that just aren’t right for the here and now?! Maybe you’re a detail person and the big-picture dreams don’t come as easily – surround yourself with those who dream big and catch some of their spirit of adventure!

Find your team. Share your dreams. Watch God move. There is power in community!

What kind of people do you need on your team to help your dreams succeed?

I mentioned above that I am an ENFP. That’s not a misspelled word, but rather a personality type based on this test. I would love for you to go take the test {it’s free!} and come back to share your results!


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