You heard a whole lot about Compassion from me back in September, and WOW, that Compassion Bloggers Month made a HUGE impact! So many children sponsored – my heart just sings thinking about it!

And now here we are, in the middle of the Christmas, shopping for family, baking for parties, sending cards to friends…

What about those kids? Can’t we find a little time and generosity for them now to help them meet basic needs?

Believe me, the LAST thing I want to be doing is asking people for money, but I believe in this, friends. And Compassion has made it really easy to bless this Christmas through their Christmas Gift Catalog!

Here’s the deal: I want to challenge you, my friends, as a group, to give $100 {or more} through the Compassion Gift Catalog!

Compassion is working towards a $20,000 Gift Catalog goal and we can do our part if just TEN of us donate $10!

What can your $10 do for someone in need?

  • Help to protect 2+ children from parasites
  • Garden seeds for a family in Africa

Or maybe FIVE of you will give $20? For $20 you could…

  • Protect five children from parasites
  • Provide a Christmas gift for a mom and baby

There are gift options for EVERY budget – from $4 to $150 – and giving whatever you can is exactly what Jesus asks us to do!

Will you join us in meeting these needs and reaching this goal through the gift catalog? If you donate, would you leave a comment or email me at homewiththeboys at gmail dot com {I will keep names and amounts anonymous!} so we can keep track of our total?

I’m praying over this goal right now, believing God gave the folks at Compassion a vision and a mission and He wants to use all of us to help them reach it! And let’s see if we can meet our goal here by the end of today {Thursday}!

And I have one more opportunity for you to partner with Compassion through Home with the Boys!

Our sponsored child, Samson, is only our sponsored child because of the wonderful individuals and companies who advertise here on our site. I am so grateful for all who have bought sidebar ads throughout the last few years to help support our sponsorship of Samson!

Sidebar ads are only $10 per month and, based on the increase in traffic we’ve been getting lately, that is a steal of a deal! We’re keeping the prices the same because that is the number I feel God gave me and we know this is all from Him!

Looking ahead, I would love to see twelve companies partner with Home with the Boys for four months of advertising in 2013 so we can have the whole year covered in advance!

If you are interested in being one of these twelve partners or doing any advertising at all, please email me at homewiththeboys at gmail dot com to reserve your spot! I only offer four spots per month and will fill them on a first-come, first-serve basis!

Thank you for supporting such an amazing ministry alongside us!