31 Days of NOT Having It All BannerI thought this fitting in thing was something I would only worry about in school…

Turns out I was wrong.

And instead of having less worries about fitting in as I’ve gotten older, involvement in lots of communities has actually created more places I want to feel accepted.


Homeschool community.



Social Media.

I feel myself scrambling more than ever to fit too many different molds in too many different groups. And I’ve stopped trying to be just myself. The lovely, glorious me God created and said, “It is good.”

Sisters, I know it is so nice to find a place you belong, but that does not mean you should make yourself into somebody you are not in order to fit in.

Fit In

This is not just a “I don’t HAVE to…” today. It is a “please DO NOT!”

I’m afraid we spend too much time making ourselves appealing to a certain audience that we totally lose sight of the wonderful, unique human being God made us to be. Our energy is wasted on outward appearances and the “right” words, with no energy left to pursue His true calling in the place He has put us.

Please don’t TRY to fit in. You do not have to be someone else to fit. You need to be who you are and find the right place for that person. And most of the time, the right place hasn’t been something I found by trying really hard, but something God has blessed me with when I trust Him to show me.

Stop searching. Stop trying to fit a mold. Stop hiding behind a mask.

You, my friend, don’t have to fit anywhere else because you fit perfectly in the body of Christ just as you are.