Happy New Year!

We are enjoying a quiet, but productive day at home. That also means some time to ponder the year ahead.

And thanks to some inspiration last year, I started picking a “Word of the Year.”

Last year, it was “priorities” and God REALLY worked on my heart and actions in that area. Looking back, 2010 was clearly all about recognizing and living out my priorities. I feel like I have made huge progress in this area.

God once again spoke very clearly to me about my word for 2011. It is not an easy one. It goes against my natural tendencies, but in a very good way.

I am a starter. I love to brainstorm, get new projects rolling. I love the thrill of new, bigger, better.

But I am HORRIBLE with finishing.

The hubby is a completer. He would never say it to anyone else, but my “fizzle-out” nature drives him crazy.

And enough of his personality has rubbed off on me over the years that it is starting to drive me crazy too.

So a few days back, God spoke my word for 2011 loud and clear…


Ok, technically it’s two words. Sort of.

But two VERY important and challenging words to me this year.


*Sticking to my schedule


*Regular time in the Word


*Blog projects I start


*And many other areas, including activities and discipline with the children.

This may involve setting more short-term goals and making fewer commitments. But, all of this, I believe, is a continuation of God’s process with me last year. In fact, I even mentioned this very thing in my 2010 word post…

I’ll need that whole self-discipline post to help me out as I tend to start things strong and finish weak (or not at all), but I know God will honor my daily decision to put Him first and my family next. I can do all things through Him, right?!

So here’s to 2011 – the year of the FOLLOW-THROUGH starting strong AND finishing strong!

How about you? Word for the year? Resolutions? Please share!