Love Dare Wrap Up

Woot! We did it! The Love Dare for Parents – CHECK!

Well, maybe not everyone is finished with The Love Dare for Parents, but whether you’ve just started, are somewhere in the middle, or completed all 40 days, we all have a reason to celebrate! You took on the challenge of becoming a more loving parent and that is an accomplishment in itself!

I was feeling pretty selfish and tapped out on loving my children when this book came across my path. Most days were a battle and I went to bed with bitterness and hurt in my heart in regards to my relationship with at least one of my children. It seemed like we were fighting over everything. That’s hard to admit, but it is the truth.

In these 40 days, I’ve been yelling less, listening more, fighting less, hugging more. My initial reaction is to pray instead of pounce when something goes wrong. Grace is becoming my default more often than not.

While I haven’t become the perfect parent through this Love Dare, I have become more prayerful and purposeful, and I believe that is exactly what God wanted to do in my heart. The Love Dare for Parents was never about changing my children, but changing my own heart towards them. And it did just that.

Confession: I did finish the book, but I have not completed all of the challenges. Some of them require more planning or thought that I had at the moment I was reading them. A few that I still need and want to complete:

  • Writing out a legacy letter to each child
  • Making plans to spend extra time or money on a special gift or experience that would greatly surprise and bless each child
  • Writing out a special blessing for each child and reading it in front of the whole family

These were some of the most wonderful dares, but also very involved and needing much thought. I WILL finish them though and post about them when I am done – I need accountability!

What I really want to hear is YOUR experience with The Love Dare for Parents, no matter where you are in the book!

A few questions you could answer for me…

  • How did the Love Dare change you?
  • Did you notice any change in your children during the Love Dare?
  • What was your favorite love dare? Your least favorite?
  • Were there any special moments you want to share that happened because of the Love Dare?

Just leave your comment below to tell us about your Love Dare for Parents experience! If you have a blog and wrote about it there, please leave a link to your post in the comments, too!

Thank you so much to the many of you who joined me in this journey! I loved hearing you chime in on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! Just knowing other parents were doing this at the same time was very motivating for me!