Little Ones Can Do Big Things Too!

We still call him Little J even though there is a younger brother in the house now.

At four years old, he’s in that stage where I can’t believe how fast he is growing but he still needs his mom and dad for certain things. Some days he seems so big, some days so small. I’m sure with him being the middle child, he will feel this way for much of his life.

He wants to be just like his brother. His big brother. But there are times he realizes he is just not quite big enough yet, and my heart breaks to think that he might feel he is not enough.

Little J wants big things to do. He wants responsibility. He wants to be included on projects and adventures. And we want him to know, although he is a “little brother,” he has plenty to offer to our family and the world!

I see it as he draws pictures with lots of details and explains every part to me. His pieces of art have a BIG place in my heart.

I see it as he learns to read and wants to share the words with all of us. Reading to Mommy or Daddy or one of his brothers is a BIG deal and we celebrate it!

Most of all, we see the great satisfaction on his face when he does a BIG act of kindness for someone in the family. We make sure kindness and compassion and service are rewarded because, even for adults, these are BIG things to do for others.

He may be a little guy, but he is capable of BIG things.

I’m so glad to know Veggie Tales has released a new DVD to proclaim to the world “Little Ones Can Do Big Things Too!”

When the DVD arrived, I made sure Little J knew this was HIS movie and the message was just for him. And he can’t stop talking about it!

More about Little Ones Can Do Big Things Too, a new compilation DVD from Veggie Tales…

Featuring favorite Veggie shows, including: Pistachio: The Little Boy Who Woodn’t (A Lesson in Listening to Your Parents), Lyle the Kindly Viking (A Lesson in Kindness), and Dave & The Giant Pickle (A Lesson in Self-Esteem), all with a message of how you don’t have to be big to be able to do great things! Plus all new footage from the adorable Veggie Kids!

Don’t miss this chance to encourage your little ones to do big things and enjoy more veggie fun!

Little Ones Can Do Big Things Too is available now for only $9.99 on Amazon!


*I received this DVD to review from Big Idea. I was not compensated in any other way for this post, and all opinions are 100% my own!

**This post contains affiliate links.

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A Boy and His Ball

This boy…

Just give him a ball and a fence to bounce it off and he’s good to go…

The simple joys of having boys.

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Floor Time {Two Weeks Old!}

Two weeks old and enjoying some time on the floor with his big brothers…

And tummy time was a success!

Celebrating the little things 🙂

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I Believe I Can Fly

These pictures are all the proof you need that I live in a house of adventure-seeking males…

Throwing the boys in the air made The Hubby feel left out, so he had to get some air time himself…

But jumping over just one boy was too easy…

And the boys had to try people-jumping for themselves…

This is my life.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. If you can’t join ’em, take pictures of ’em doing crazy things every chance you get!

Ah, boys…


I’m linking up to Let’s Hear It For the Boys over at The MOB Society today! If you’re a boy mom, join in the link-up fun!


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Baby Brother Love

I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen two boys so in love with their baby brother…

And they made sure to show Daddy some love after taking Double J on his first walk…

I am so blessed…my heart could just burst.

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Bragging on Our Boys

Well, I don’t really like the word “bragging” so much, but I do like the idea of sharing the good things our children do, and if that’s bragging, then that’s what I’m doing today!

And I have an excuse – today is the weekly “Let’s Hear It For the Boys” link-up over at The MOB Society!

Let’s start with this guy…

Big J has completed 120 days of school and is always looking to learn more! I’m continually amazed at amount of knowledge already packed into that brain of his!

This week, we celebrated great success on his unit math test. And every day, he wants to learn about different animals – even after school is done for the day! I just pray that God will show us how to keep up with his apetite for learning!

And then there’s this guy…

I can’t get enough of Little J’s baby face and those dimples, but this week he showed us just how grown up he is when he started READING.

Oh friends, I was NOT ready for that at all.

I mean, he’s known his letters for a while and has been working on letter sounds in preschool, but putting it altogether?! Whoa.

And now he wants to read and sound out words all the time! Thank goodness for sites like Starfall and apps like Smarty Pants School that he loves to do while Big J and I are doing his school work! Those sites and apps have fun activities that grow with him as learns to read more and more!

Look at the smile on his face! Priceless!

And so goes the life of parents – wondering where our little boys went, but so proud of the young men they are becoming!

{By the way, we took them to McDonald’s – their choice – to celebrate their learning achievements this week! Always fun to do something special in the middle of the week :)}


How about a little bragging on your kiddos today? What have they done to make you smile this week?

{If you have boys, head on over to the MOB Society to brag on them! Lots of prizes up for grabs on the link-up today!}

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Little J’s Christmas Program

There are not many things cuter than a preschool Christmas program.

Our preschool really knows how to do it – short and super sweet!

These adorable kiddos were on stage for about fifteen minutes, and if you have preschoolers, you know that is the PERFECT length of time before potty breaks and Kleenex and other such things are needed.

Well, I guess one child needed a Kleenex during that time and another one wanted her mommy to put her headband back on, but otherwise there were very few interruptions!

Little J loves preschool and his teacher, but he gets very solemn and shy when I’m dropping him off. See the look on his face?

Crazy at home, solemn in public – that’s our Little J! His teacher says that shyness wears off pretty fast once class gets going, but that look on his face just cracks me up!

He did all of the actions throughout the program – SO adorable! He did not sing a single word until the last song, Silent Night, but that was more than enough to make this Christmas-loving, former music teacher mama grin from ear-to-ear.

Besides, I know the boy can sing from his belting of “FA LA LA LA LA” from the backseat of the van 🙂

And at least he wasn’t picking his nose or lifting up his shirt – nothing to end up on America’s Funniest Home Videos! We were very proud of how focused he was despite the twirling and waving and so on surrounding him!

And he looked so stinkin’ handsome in his Sunday best…

Love these guys! And even when all dressed up, they’re so goofy together…

Those grins get me every time.

Since it was his special night, Little J got to pick somewhere to eat for dinner, so we all enjoyed some Applebee’s to wrap up the night!

Christmas programs – just another reason to love this time of year!

Have you been to any Christmas programs this year? Any funny stories?

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Happy Third Birthday Little J!

Three years ago. 4:04 am. In the middle of a thunderstorm. After 14 hours of labor, here you came…

into a family so ready to love on you, including your proud big {but still little at the time} brother…

You have grown up so fast…

but every step of the way has been filled with hugs and smiles and love…

and lots and lots of laughter, because we never know what crazy, goofy thing you are going to do next!

And that is one of our very favorite things about you!

We can’t wait to see what God does with all that energy and creativity!

Happy birthday Little J! We love you SO much!

Hope you’re ready for a Cars-filled day! Ka-chow!

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The Graduate

Wednesday night, he took a big step…

and graduated from preschool!

There were adorable songs being sung and this mama was so grateful for a preschool that teaches a love for the Lord right alongside letters, numbers and manners.

I definitely teared up as they sang “Thy Word.” Oh my heart.

And then they got their diplomas…

Of course, my pic of him actually GETTING his diploma didn’t turn out, but you can just barely see it in his hands there!

Big J and his buddy E were not in the same class, but they have been friends since birth and her parents are some of our closest friends. So fun to share the day with them!

And he was blessed to have TWO amazing teachers this year…

Mrs. K was his teacher from the beginning of the year and he loved her right away! She did a wonderful job encouraging and teaching him -he grew so much right away!

She left at the end of January to have that precious baby boy in the picture and now gets to be a stay-at-home mom! I am so happy for her!

Mrs. W came when Mrs. K went on maternity leave and Big J adored her as well. Changing teachers mid-year can be really rough. but not in this case!

Mrs. W was so sweet and encouraged Big J in his blossoming reading skills. We were so thrilled to have another sweet teacher to finish out the year!

Big J will miss his wonderful preschool, but he is ready to start kindergarten right now! We are so excited for Little J to be a part of the same preschool next year!

Happy graduation Big J! We are so proud of you!


In other news, this is what we’re up to with the little guy today…

Big brother picked out a bunch of stickers to try to encourage him…

A good effort, but not working so far…9:10 a.m. – one accident and no potty in the chair.

We shall overcome.

Happy weekend to all of you!

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Around here lately…

Heard around here:

“Let’s wrestle!”


“Mommy, he won’t get off me!” {Big J about Little J – the younger is figuring out how to defend himself – and that he can win!}

“Can I have more cheese crackers, Puh-lease?!”

“I love you Little J.” “Oh.”

“Why is that house blue?” “Why is that truck red?” “WHY WHY WHY?!”

“Can I watch someping on Netwix?”


“I am a Spanish lion!”

“How do you make people?” {Oh yikes.}

And seen around here:

Just like Daddy…

Late February Nebraska weather…

And just one week earlier…

Enjoying a local bookstore…

Little bits of heaven… (filled with Dove chocolate)

Watching the shuttle launch…

And snuggling with Miss L (the little girl we watch three days a week)…

What has your “lately” been like?

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