Welcome to my first EVER 31 Days series – writing about ONE topic for 31 days straight! Hold on to your hats!

And that topic is… All Things Woman!

So I’m curious – did the phrase “all things woman” make you smile or cringe?

Connecting with you on this topic makes me giddy!

As a mom of two boys, I am THRILLED to be discussing womanly subjects for a whole month!

But for some women, being a woman is NOT something to celebrate.

They’ve been hurt by other women, judged by other women, compared to other women and not “measured up” to those other women.

“All things woman” makes those women want to run for the door.

So I just want to clarify – these next 31 days will NOT be about:

*being a “woman who does it all”



*living up to someone else’s standards

Up front, I will tell you that I really enjoy being a girl, but I am fully aware it’s not all sunshine and roses. I’ve been though many of the hurts and rejections you have faced as well.

But I know there can be something different here…

So I’ll agree to have some fun with this series, but also be 100% honest, if you agree to have some fun and join the discussion as well!

What WILL this series be about?

A few years ago, at my first year of MOPS, I heard the acronym “SDWSC,” which stands for “She Did What She Could.” NONE of us can do it all, be we just need to do what we can.

Whether it’s around the house or at work, with your friends or your kids, at your church or school or anywhere – this series will be about us doing what we CAN, NOT doing it “all.”

We’re talking fashion for real women {and real budgets}, the joy of connecting with others and the “joy” of hormones, emotions, fear, make-up, hair, women’s health and women’s roles – just about everything {and maybe even s-e-x…gasp!}.

I’m looking forward to 31 Days of All Things Woman with each of you – come back tomorrow and join me for more?!

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